Todd Michael Jameson is a seasoned musician with many years of experience. Currently, Todd performs as a solo artist and plays in two bands in the Minneapolis/St. Paul and Tri-state area. Along with performing originals and covers as a solo artist, Todd also performs lead vocals and plays guitar with the acoustic duo, 2 Dudes with Acoustic Guitars (Classic Rock, Classic Country, Pop and more).  Todd also plays bass in Sweet Addiction (Original Rock and Roll). Playing over 150 gigs per year, Todd travels across many genres and entertains audiences of all sizes. 

Todd’s influences cross many genres as well. From Waylon Jennings to KISS to Miles Davis and everything in between. On any given night, Todd can go from playing one of his own songs to an Otis Redding classic right into an Iron Maiden song. Nothing is off limits!

Recording credits include:

Todd Michael Jameson-Live at Pho Cao-Scottsdale AZ (2020), Vocals/Guitar

Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band- Everyday With You is Like Christmas (2020), Bass

Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band-Your Hero (2020), Bass

Todd Michael Jameson-Keep Up the Fight (2019), Vocals/ Lead and Rhythm Guitars/Bass

Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band-Revisited (2019), Bass/Backing Vocals

Todd Michael Jameson-No Way Out (2018), Vocals/Guitar

the GooDBarS-Way Down (2017), Bass/Backing Vocals

Mark Stone and the Dirty Country band-For Stories (2017), Bass/Backing Vocals

Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band-Trifecta (2017), Bass/Backing Vocals

the GooDBarS-More than Nothing (2016), Bass/Backing Vocals

The Grande Machine-Another Round (2016), Backing Vocals

the GooDBarS-the GooDBarS (2012), Bass/Backing Vocals/Mixing


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